Steel Lake Little League Safety Plan

Steel Lake Little League enforces the following policies to ensure the safest environment for our children and coaches.

  1. Steel Lake Little League has an active Safety Officer on file who is also a board member with an annual budget.

  2. A coach's manual, including a section dedicated to safety, is provided to all managers, coaches, and board members, and is distributed at the coaches meeting. A copy is also placed in the lock box at each field.

  3. Emergency phone numbers are supplied to all managers, as well as a complete list of board members' numbers. In addition, each field has a lock box containing the field address and emergency contact numbers for both league and emergency services. Managers/coaches are encouraged to either have a cell phone with them or be aware of where the nearest phone is located.

  4. All volunteers, including managers, coaches, board members and any other person having contact with players shall complete a volunteer application. All applicants will be approved, through the use of either the WSP or LexisNexis background checks.

  5. All managers, coaches and umpires have been instructed on the rules and fundamentals through various coaching and umpire clinics given by or paid for by Steel Lake Little League as well as District 10.

  6. Each team is required to appoint a team safety parent. Training for league safety director and team safety parents is provided by District 10. Further training is available to all at local fire departments and hospitals.

  7. Managers and umpires are required to complete the pre-game safety checklist prior to the start of any game or practice. All coaches and umpires have been instructed on suspending games due to unsafe conditions.

  8. Annual Little League Facility Survey has been completed.

  9. Concession trailer volunteers will work in accordance with King County Health Department Standards. Written concession procedures are posted in the stand. A first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, and safety manual are required in the stand and provided by the league.

  10. Prior to the season, all gear is checked to ensure it meets Little League requirements and to ensure it protects the players as intended by the manufacturer. As part of the pre-game checklist, managers and umpires perform safety checks on all players and equipment.

  11. Managers and coaches are required to report all injuries within 24 hours so that Steel Lake Little League may track and identify any further actions which may be addressed. All managers are required to have a completed accident report filed with the league within 48 hours of the accident.

  12. Each team is issued a first-aid kit supplied by the league. Managers/coaches are required to have this kit at the field before starting any practice or game.

  13. Player safety has always been and will continue to be the number one priority for all involved with Steel Lake Little League. Little League Rules and Regulations will be enforced.

  14. The Safety Officer will submit an ASAP safety plan annually to Little League, along with a qualified safety plan registration form.

  15. Player roster data and coach/manager data will be submitted to the Little League Data Center at

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